Innovative Physicians at Master Nutritional

Explore the cutting-edge innovation in health and wellness driven by Master Nutritional's visionary physicians. Their dedication to excellence and precision is transforming the health landscape, making them pioneers in the field of nutrition and well-being.

Dr.Benjamin McLean

Main Physician | M.D. | FCPS | FRCP | MPH

Dr. Benjamin McLean

Dr. Benjamin McLean, a distinguished medical advisor with over 25 years in health and wellness, exemplifies excellence and compassion. Holding degrees from Howard University and The George Washington University, his expertise is renowned, with over 200 articles and numerous research papers authored. Dr. McLean's commitment extends beyond personal accolades; he is a fervent educator and philanthropist, dedicating his life to enhancing community health and mentoring future healthcare professionals. His work, deeply rooted in ethical practice, impacts lives worldwide, making him a true pioneer in medical advocacy and education.

Dr.Joshua Collins

Main Physician | M.D. | MRCP | FRCP

Dr. Joshua Collins

Dr. Joshua Collins, an MD at Seychelles Hospital Mont Fleuri, stands out for his patient-centered approach and expertise in internal medicine, holding credentials from Marshall University and certifications in BLS and ACLS. Renowned for his ability to translate complex medical information into accessible knowledge, he's also a revered figure in global health, actively participating in medical missions to aid underserved communities. His dedication is reflected in his development of a patient education program, empowering individuals in their healthcare journey and earning him widespread appreciation from those he serves.

Julia Weiss Khan

Registered Nurse | MPH | CNP

Julia Weiss Khan

Julia, a skilled Registered Nurse (RN) and certified Nurse Practitioner (CNP), brings a wealth of expertise in clinical nursing, nursing administration, and research. Armed with a Master of Public Health (MPH) from the University of Saskatchewan and a comprehensive Bachelor of Science in Nursing, she is well-equipped to navigate various healthcare challenges. Julia's leadership as a Charge Nurse underscores her ability to ensure efficient patient care and foster teamwork. Her commitment to patient education has resulted in successful health education programs, reducing patient readmissions. Additionally, her research contributions in reputable nursing journals highlight her dedication to advancing healthcare practices and improving patient outcomes.


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