Review of Top 3 Digestive Enzyme Supplements: American Health Papaya Enzyme, Zenwise & Master Digestive Enzyme

Review of Top 3 Digestive Enzyme Supplements: American Health Papaya Enzyme, Zenwise & Master Digestive Enzyme

Having a healthy digestive system is really important for our overall health. It helps our bodies break down the food we eat so we can get all the nutrients and energy we need.

Many people are using enzyme supplements to help their digestion, reduce any discomfort, and keep their gut healthy.
We will explore together and compare three leading enzyme supplements: 

  1. American Health Papaya Enzyme
  2. Zenwise Digestive Enzymes
  3. Master Nutritional Digestive Enzyme.

Each of these supplements offers unique benefits tailored to different digestive needs. Let's delve into their features, ingredients, benefits, and considerations to help you choose the best one for your digestive health.

Zenwise Digestive Enzyme vs American Health Papaya Enzyme vs Master Digestive Enzyme

Feature American Health Papaya Enzyme Digestive Enzymes Zenwise Master Nutritional Digestive Enzyme
Main Ingredients Papaya, papain, amylase, protease, bromelain, peppermint, chlorophyll Advanced Enzyme and Prebiotic System, Probiotic Blend (1 Billion CFU), Papaya Fruit Powder, Apple Pectin Powder Various enzymes (amylase, protease, lipase, lactase, sucrase, maltase)
Key Benefits
  • Supports digestive health
  • Enhances protein and carbohydrate digestion
  • Refreshes breath
  • Aids digestion of proteins and carbohydrates
  • Supports nutrient absorption
  • Promotes GI wellness
  • Enhances nutrient absorption
  • Reduces digestive discomfort
  • Supports healthy microbiome
  • Increase Energy 
Form Chewable tablet Capsule Capsule
Usage Instructions/ Serving Size Chew 3 tablets after a meal, 1-3 times daily, or dissolve 1-2 tablets as needed 1 capsule 1 veggie capsule
Vegan Not Specified  Yes Yes
Additional Ingredients - Sugar, calcium, natural flavors, starch, and vegetable-based ingredients All-natural, organic components
Gluten-Free/Non-GMO Yes Yes Yes
3rd Party Tasted No No Yes
Added Flavors/Sweeteners Peppermint and chlorophyll Natural flavors Natural flavors
Unique Selling Points This papaya enzyme pills and super papaya enzyme plus contains higher enzyme level includes bromelain and peppermint for breath freshness Freshly ripened papaya, ideal for nutrient absorption and digestive support Targets specific enzymes, may reduce inflammation, supports energy production and gut health
Recommended For Adults needing higher digestive support and fresher breath Adults needing post-meal digestive support and nutrient absorption People needing support for nutrient absorption, reducing discomfort, and enhancing gut health

1. American Health Papaya Enzyme

Key Features:

  • Derived from papaya fruit, containing papain, amylase, and protease enzymes.
  • American Health Super papaya enzyme plus and normal version helps your body break down and digest proteins and carbohydrates. Which is good for your digestion.
  • Convenient chewable tablet form, gluten-free, and free from artificial colors and flavors.
  • Provides post-meal digestion support for proteins and carbohydrates.
  • Offers a simple and easy-to-use chewable format for added convenience.
  • Gluten-free formulation caters to diverse dietary requirements.
  • Primarily targets protein and carbohydrate digestion, potentially limited in its scope of enzymatic action.
  • May not provide a comprehensive range of digestzymes for various types of food breakdown.
Unique Facts: 
  • Higher enzyme level includes bromelain and peppermint for breath freshness.
Form: Chewable tablet
Price: $7-$49 USD

2. Zenwise Digestive Enzymes

Key Features:
  • Digestive Enzymes Zenwise has a mix of natural enzymes that help with digestion. Making it easier for your body to break down food.
  • Designed to enhance the absorption of nutrients by aiding the breakdown of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
  • Includes botanical ingredients like turmeric, ginger, and green papaya for additional gut health benefits.
  • Organic digestive enzymes offer a broad spectrum of digestive enzymes targeting multiple food components for thorough digestion.
  • Incorporates botanicals known for their digestive and antioxidant properties, enhancing overall gut health.
  • Maintains a balanced diet by breaking down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
  • The inclusion of multiple enzymes and botanicals may increase the complexity of the supplement regimen.
  • Individuals with specific sensitivities to certain botanical ingredients may need to exercise caution.
Unique Facts: 
  • Broad spectrum of digestive enzymes targeting multiple food components for thorough digestion
  • Incorporates botanical ingredients for added digestive and antioxidant benefits
Form: Capsules
Price: $19-$41 USD

3. Master Digestive Enzyme Capsule

Key Features:
  • Provides a comprehensive blend of pure digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics for holistic gut support.
  • The digest aid formula is designed to relieve occasional bloating, gas, and discomfort associated with hard-to-digest foods.
  • Includes clinically proven DE111 probiotics and a variety of botanicals such as turmeric and ginger for added digestive benefits.
  • This Digestive enzymes capsules offers a 3-in-1 solution with digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics for comprehensive gut support.
  • Targets digestive discomfort and supports a healthy gut microbiome with probiotic and prebiotic components.
  • Contains botanicals renowned for their digestive and anti-inflammatory properties, promoting overall gut wellness.
  • The inclusion of probiotics and prebiotics may increase the complexity of the supplement and require additional considerations.
Unique Facts: 
  • 3-in-1 solution with digestive enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics
  • Targets digestive discomfort and supports gut microbiome health

Form: Capsules
Price: $37.81 USD

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Comparison and Benefits of 3 Digestive Supplements

Each of these enzyme supplements excels in different areas, making them suitable for various digestive health needs. Here's a summary of their benefits:

American Health Papaya Digestive Enzymes 

  • Ideal for adults seeking higher digestive support and fresher breath
  • papaya enzymes chewable comes in a convenient chewable format
  • High enzyme content for robust digestive health
  • Contains peppermint and chlorophyll for breath freshness

Digestive Enzymes Zenwise

  • Suitable for individuals looking for a comprehensive enzyme blend
  • Includes botanicals for enhanced gut health
  • Supports balanced digestion of multiple food components

Master Nutritional Digestive Enzyme

  • Comprehensive solution with enzymes, probiotics, and prebiotics
  • Relieves digestive discomfort and promotes gut microbiome health
  • Contains botanicals for additional digestive and anti-inflammatory benefits

Overview: The American Health Papaya Enzyme offers post-meal digestive support and breath freshness. Zenwise Digestive Enzymes provide a holistic approach with a broad spectrum of enzymes and botanicals, making it suitable for those needing a more comprehensive digestive aid. Master Digestive Enzyme takes a multi-faceted approach with the inclusion of probiotics and prebiotics, ideal for individuals experiencing digestive discomfort and seeking overall gut health support.

Final Analysis

Each digestive enzyme supplement—offers distinct advantages tailored to different digestive needs. Selecting the most suitable supplement depends on individual preferences, dietary requirements, and desired outcomes for optimal digestive support.
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