L-Citrulline vs L-Arginine Capsules: Quality Comparison

L-Citrulline vs L-Arginine Capsules: Quality Comparison

This article will compare two great brands of L-citrulline vs L-arginine supplements, examining their features, benefits, side effects, and overall efficacy. 

Supplements like L-arginine and L-citrulline have become increasingly popular in the pursuit of optimal workout performance and recovery. Both amino acids are praised for their benefits in enhancing exercise routines and supporting muscle growth. However, determining which one is more effective can be challenging. Let us examine and understand l-citrulline vs. l-arginine supplements.

✔️ Master L-Arginine Capsules from Master Nutritional 


Intense workouts often involve challenges like muscle fatigue and the struggle to push through the burn. Master L-Arginine Capsules are designed to support improved exercise performance by increasing blood flow to exercising muscles. This helps reduce the burn and enables you to power through your workouts more effectively.

📌Key Features

  • American Craftsmanship: Manufactured in the USA, ensuring high quality.
  • FDA Registered and GMP Certified: Adheres to stringent manufacturing standards.
  • Third-Party Laboratory Verification: Ensures product purity and potency.
  • Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, and Lactose-Free: Suitable for individuals with specific dietary restrictions.
  • Organic Integrity: Made with natural ingredients.
  • Manufactured at an NSF Certified Facility: Guarantees compliance with public health standards.
  • No Corn or Sugar: Ideal for those with dietary preferences or sensitivities.

📌High Quality Ingredients

  • Beta-Alanine
  • L-Citrulline Malate
  • Niacin
  • L-Arginine AKG 2:1 Extract
  • Calcium


Master L-Arginine Capsules offer a range of benefits:

→ Improved Exercise Performance: Increases nitric oxide production, which helps enhance blood flow to muscles.

→ Enhanced Cardiovascular Health: Supports healthy blood pressure and cardiovascular function.

→ Stronger Bones and Muscles: Provides essential nutrients that support bone and muscle strength.

→ Rapid Immune Boost: It contains ingredients that can help bolster your immune system.

→ Reduced Fatigue During Workouts: Helps delay the onset of muscle fatigue, allowing for longer, more intense workouts.


One-Time Purchase: $35.07

✔️ L-Citrulline Capsules from Horbäach 


L-citrulline supports peak fitness by improving blood flow and enhancing exercise performance. Horbäach L-citrulline capsules provide a high-strength dose of this amino acid, making them a convenient addition to any fitness routine. 

📌Key Features

  • Maximum Strength: Delivers 2400 mg of L-Citrulline (Free Form) per serving.
  • Naturally Free from: Wheat, Soy, Artificial Flavors, Gluten, Preservatives, Yeast, Lactose, and Non-GMO. 
  • Expertly Formulated: Supported by Horbäach's dedication to purity and potency.

📌Highest Quality Ingredients

  • L-Citrulline (Free Form)
  • Additional Ingredients: Gelatin Capsule, Rice Powder, Silica. Silica and Vegetable Magnesium Stearate.


Horbäach L-Citrulline Capsules provide several benefits that support fitness and overall health:

→ Enhanced Exercise Performance: Helps improve endurance and reduce muscle fatigue.

→ Improved Blood Flow: Increases nitric oxide production, which enhances blood circulation.

→ Reduced Muscle Fatigue: Delays the onset of muscle soreness, allowing for longer workouts.

→ Support for Peak Fitness: It supports muscle recovery and growth, making it perfect for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


Available for Purchase on Amazon: $14.99

Comparison: L-Citrulline vs L-Arginine

Let’s explore the differences (L-Citrulline vs L-Arginine)

🔑 Ingredients and Composition

  • Master L-Arginine includes a blend of Beta Alanine, L-Citrulline Malate, Niacin, L-Arginine AKG 2:1 Extract, and Calcium, offering a comprehensive approach to energy enhancement and muscle boost.
  • Horbäach L-Citrulline provides a potent dose of 2400 mg L-Citrulline (Free Form) per serving, focused on improving blood flow and reducing muscle fatigue.

🔑 Benefits

  • Master L-Arginine provides a wide array of benefits, such as enhanced cardiovascular health, increased bone strength and muscles, and boosted immune function. Its high-quality ingredients make it an excellent energy enhancer.
  • Horbäach L-Citrulline is primarily aimed at enhancing exercise performance and blood flow, with a focus on reducing muscle fatigue during workouts.

🔑 Quality and Manufacturing

  • Master L-Arginine: Manufactured in an NSF Certified Facility, FDA Registered, GMP Certified, and third-party lab verified. It is also lactose, gluten and sugar-free, ensuring it caters to various dietary preferences and sensitivities.
  • Horbäach L-Citrulline: Known for its good-quality manufacturing process, Horbäach ensures its supplement is free from gluten & artificial flavors. The brand is committed to purity and potency, as evident in its product formulation.

🔑 Brand Reputation

  • Master L-Arginine: Known for its American craftsmanship and high-quality standards, it is well-regarded for its effective energy enhancement and comprehensive health benefits.
  • Horbäach: A reputable brand in the supplement industry known for fine products. Customer reviews often highlight the effectiveness and purity of Horbäach supplements. 

🔑 Cost-Effectiveness

  • Master L-Arginine: The price is not that cheap, but it is reasonable based on the quality they provide. They offer a blend of ingredients for a broad range of health benefits.
  • Horbäach L-Citrulline: Pricing varies on Amazon, but it is not that competitive because of the quality provided.

🔑 Side Effects

  • Master L-Arginine: Generally well-tolerated, but potential side effects include gastrointestinal discomfort, bloating, and diarrhea if taken in excessive amounts.
  • Horbäach L-Citrulline: Also, generally well-tolerated but may cause mild side effects like stomach discomfort and changes in blood pressure.

🔑 Usage Recommendations

  • Master L-Arginine: You are allowed to take two capsules once a day, preferably 20-30 minutes before a meal. This dosage helps maximize the benefits of L-arginine and other high-quality ingredients.
  • Horbäach L-Citrulline: It is better to take three capsules daily on an empty stomach. This ensures optimal absorption and effectiveness.

Overall Effectiveness

When comparing the overall effectiveness of L-Citrulline vs L-Arginine, both Master Nutritional and Horbaach supplements quality offer significant benefits. 

However, Master L-Arginine stands out due to its comprehensive blend of ingredients, which enhance energy and exercise performance and provide additional health benefits. 

The rigorous quality standards and diverse ingredient profile make Master L-Arginine the superior choice for those seeking a multifaceted supplement to boost their workout and overall health.


In conclusion, L-Citrulline vs L-Arginine, both Master L-Arginine Capsules and Horbäach L-Citrulline Capsules, are excellent supplements that can enhance workout performance and support overall health. 

However, when considering the "best l-citrulline supplement" and "best l-arginine and l-citrulline supplements," Master L-Arginine Capsules have a slight edge. 

Their comprehensive formula, high-quality ingredients, and additional health benefits make them the better choice for those looking to achieve a significant muscle boost and enhanced energy levels.


Q: What are the main benefits of Master L-Arginine Capsules? 

The main benefits include improved exercise performance, muscle boost, enhanced cardiovascular health and stronger bones, rapid immune boost, and reduced muscle fatigue during workouts.

Q: How should I take Master L-Arginine Capsules? 

Two Master L-Arginine energy enhancement capsules should be taken once a day.

Q: How much L-Citrulline is in each serving of Horbäach L-Citrulline Capsules? 

Each serving contains 2400 mg of L-Citrulline (Free Form).

Q: Is horbäach a good brand?

Yes, Horbaach supplements aren’t bad, but not the best as well.

Q: Are Master L-Arginine Capsules safe for people with dietary restrictions? 

Yes, they are gluten-free, non-GMO, lactose-free, and free from corn and sugar, making them suitable for various dietary preferences and sensitivities.

Q: Are Horbäach L-Citrulline Capsules suitable for people with allergies? 

Absolutely, they do not contain gluten, wheat, yeast, lactose, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives. 

Q: Can Master L-Arginine muscle booster help with muscle recovery? 

Yes, the blend of ingredients, including L-citrulline malate and Beta-Alanine, helps reduce muscle fatigue and supports muscle recovery.

Q: Can I take Horbaach supplements if I am pregnant or nursing? 

Well, if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medications, or have any medical conditions, then it is better to consult your doctor first.

Q: Where is the Master L-Arginine energy enhancer manufactured?

They are manufactured in the United States of America.

Q: How should I take Horbäach L-Citrulline Capsules? 

You may take three quick-release capsules daily, most probably on an empty stomach.

Q: What are the possible side effects of Horbäach L-Citrulline Capsules? 

According to the Horbaach supplements review, some side effects may include mild stomach discomfort and changes in blood pressure.

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